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The Science Behind Hindu Temples

The Science Behind Hindu Temples (1)

Sanatan Dharma, commonly known as Hinduism, is not just a religion but a way of life deeply rooted in ancient traditions, values, and spiritual practices. One of the fundamental aspects of Sanatan Dharma is the significance of temples. Temples are not merely places of worship but are considered sacred spaces where individuals can connect with […]

Sabarimala Temple-History,Story,Temple Details

Sabarimala Temple

Sabarimala is one the most sought pilgrimage sites in India. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the western ghats in God’s own country – Kerala, Sabarimala – the shrine of Lord Ayyappa, is open for worship only during specific periods of the year. Lord Ayyappa, also known as Dharmasastha, is the son of Lord Shiva […]